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Visit the Historical Naval Museum of Venice and theShips Pavilion. Enter the Venice Arsenal and live the experience of the Enrico Dandolo Submarine

The MUNAV is owned by the Ministry of Defense which, through the Navy, safeguards the values ​​and culture of the Armed Forces. It is included in the circuit of 15 Military Museums entrusted to Difesa Servizi by the Armed Forces and is the most important naval museum in Italy: a 6000m2 exhibition area where you can immerse yourself in the glorious maritime history of Venice and board the submarine Enrico Dandolo

Visit the MUNAV

Naval Historical Museum

A 15th century building, near the Arsenal, which was once the "Granary" of the Serenissima, where you can retrace, through an exhibition itinerary spread over 5 floors, the long and glorious naval history of Venice and our Navy.

Ships Pavilion

Since 1980 the spaces of the oar workshops have taken on the name of Ship Pavilion. With the Museum ticket, you will also be able to visit this vast exhibition area, which houses boats of great historical importance.

Submarine Dandolo

Live the experience on board the 'killer submarine' of the Cold War, one of the first units to be built in Italy after the Second World War and can now be visited inside the Venice Arsenal.

Why visit MUNAV


For the variety of models on display and to learn about the maritime history of Venice

Through an exhibition itinerary rich in historical artefacts, ship models, paintings and documents, the Historical Naval Museum of Venice recounts a long maritime tradition, from its origins to the modern era, from the ancient boats of the Republic of Venice to the ship models of the Navy Italian yesterday and today. The variety of models on display goes beyond the borders of Venice, to include an exceptional collection of boats used in the seas of China and the Far East.​


To discover a historic place overlooking the ancient Arsenal of Venice

Located in the Arsenale area, one of the most emblematic places in Venice, the Museum is housed in a historic building that once constituted the "Granary" of the Serenissima and inside a Pavilion that served as a workshop and storage for boats of the Republic of Venice. Thanks to its rich collection, temporary exhibitions and its strategic position in the enchanting setting of the Arsenale, the museum offers a complete overview of a heritage of inestimable value.


To live a unique experience on board the Enrico Dandolo submarine

46 meters long, almost 5 meters wide, the Enrico Dandolo submarine is one of the first four submarines designed during the Cold War. Silent, maneuverable and fast, these submarines were equipped with advanced technologies which, fortunately, were never used for offensive purposes. Today the submarine is located in the Arsenal and can be visited, entering the maneuvering cabin and the torpedo launch room, to relive the emotions that the sailors felt during the long voyages


Start your digital experience and visit theVenice Historical Naval Museum online,interacting with the multimedia contents: listen to the audio tracks and watch the videos by clicking on the colored pins.

Much more than a museum

Founded in 1919 on the initiative of the Naval General Staff, the MUNAV is today one of the most important naval museums in Europe, where you can travel into the glorious past of the Serenissima Republic and discover displays, exhibitions, digital installations, educational workshops and virtual reality adventures
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Great experience, my son loved it. Vast display of naval models. Definitely also suitable for families with children.
Giulia Z
Tripadvisor Review
A very interesting museum with documents, finds, reconstructions and unique pieces that invite you to delve deeper. A true navigation through the history of Venice and the navy.
Tripadvisor Review
So much history, so much stuff to see, if you go (and I recommend it) take the time to admire everything because it really is a spectacle
Fabrizio D
Tripadvisor Review

4.9 of 5 (4800 reviews)


5 of 5 (1655 reviews)


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